Run.Photography — Photography by Jody Bailey with a single focus—running. A combination of sports photography, photo journalism, and editorial portraits to uniquely capture the story of run. If you are a runner, a run crew, run brand, or a race director looking for stunning visuals and equally engaging stories, let's talk about options for 2018.

Race Day Photography

It's race day. All those hours. All those KM's. All those intervals. All for today. There is nothing more exciting than waking up on race day. Let me capture your race day. As a crew, a runner, a brand, or a race director, you want images from race day to tell the story all year long.

The Daily Grind

The alarm goes off, you roll out of bed, slip on your kit, and you are out to meet the crew before you actually know what day it is. 6am is your grind. I want to capture your grind. For you. Your whole crew. Or your entire roster of brand ambassadors. No idea is too big...or too small.

High contrast colour composite of three Jody Bailey's each wearing a different colour outfit.

"Ask anyone, I'm kind of fun to have on runs." — Me

Run Portrait Session

You've been feeling it for a while, and want to treat yourself. You've checked all boxes on your workout list, and are worth it. Share them in an Instagram Story, one in a tweet, and post a couple on Facebook. It's your Run Story. Tell it how you want to.