Run Portrait Session

Don’t act like you aren’t worth it. You don’t run for the photos, but it sure is nice to have them. Some people want family portraits, some treat themselves with a boudoir session, you want a private run photo session. That’s your thing.

You pick a location, or I pick one of the many I’ve got scouted and we head out for a good hour run. Before, after, and/or during, we’ll get some great portraits or posed photos. The goal is to come back with a great selection of photos that capture you running naturally, as well as those high intensity portrait photos you see in the running magazines.

There is no perfect recipe for the session. The goal is to simply have fun, get some fresh air, and get some great photos. After the first two, the third comes naturally.

I love to travel and flights are cheap. We can make something work.

It sounds a little silly perhaps, but there isn’t a single photo above that I regret taking, and certainly none that they regret having me take. You owe it to yourself to capture that journey you are on. I speak your language. I know what it takes to train for a race, I see it every single day. I respect it, and love capturing that effort.